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Check out our offer of ratings, assessments and certifications and find what best caters to your needs.

We are committed to be at the forefront of the sector’s evolutions and our offer of existing and new services is regularly upgraded in order to keep up with a fast changing market and its needs.

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Are you interested in a specific Financial or Social performance related service? Check out here below.

Financial Social
Financial Rating Social Rating
Credit Rating Client Outcome
MIV Rating Social Roadmap
Institutional Diagnostic Smart Campaign Client Protection Certification
Due Diligence GSMA Mobile Money Certification
Loan Portfolio Audit European Code of Good Conduct Evaluation
Country Study
Truelift Assessment
SPI4 + SPI4 Alinus


Your opinion counts!

If you are a client, please be aware that we care about your opinion on our services. Feel free to share your feedback through the following mechanisms:

Customer Care: If you underwent a rating, assessment or certification service, you will be contacted after the implementation, to learn more about how satisfied you are and to better understand any unmet demands. Do not miss the opportunity to contribute to improving our service offer!

Complaint Handling Process: This mechanism is accessible to all our clients at any moment of the implementation process. We will be happy to hear from you and do our best to resolve any issues that may have arisen. Write to customercare@mf-rating.com or call us at the Head Office or at our Regional offices.

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