Smart Campaign Client Protection Certification

As a licensed certifier of the Smart Campaign client protection certification program, MFR is committed to promote responsible and client centric practices in the inclusive finance sector.


MFR actively contributed to the development of the client protection certification standards in 2012 together with leading industry stakeholders and continues to support the scheme’s development. In 2015, MFR pilot-tested the upgraded 2.0 client protection methodology.

Today MFR has the largest market share among Smart Campaign Certifiers and the widest global experience.


The Smart Campaign client protection certification is an independent and third-party evaluation that provides an objective seal of confidence that a financial service provider is adequately implementing the client protection principles and is doing everything it should to treat clients fairly and to not harm them.


The Smart Campaign client protection certification is a highly valued mark of commitment by the industry, including many investors and donors, as “doing no harm” is the minimum that most stakeholders expect from the sector. Achieving the Smart Campaign client protection certification allows financial services providers to:

  • Publicly demonstrate their commitment to client protection and responsible practices
  • Better understand clients’ risks
  • Improve their systems, practices and services by aligning to a set of standardized and globally accepted standards and keeping clients at the center of the decision-making process

MFR clients (Source: MFR customer care, June 2019) find the Client Protection Certification useful for:


All financial service providers engaged in financial inclusion, irrespective of their legal status and size, and interested in demonstrating their commitment to client protection.

How it works?

The certification reviews the financial service provider’s policies, procedures, management systems, training and marketing practices against the seven areas of client protection.


To achieve the Smart Campaign Client Protection Certification, the financial service provider must comply with all the indicators corresponding to the 25 adequate standards of care for client protection.



The process depends on the results of the final notification.

The Smart Campaign client protection certification has a 4-year validity with a mandatory surveillance audit conducted two years after the original certification award.

In order to be ready for Smart certification and assess your compliance with the standards, you can apply first for the Client protection Pre-certification.

Certified Organizations

Institution Country Charter Type Date of the Certification
Annapurna Finance Pvt. Ltd India NBFI August 2020
Maha Agriculture Microfinance Myanmar NBFI August 2020
KEP Trust Kosovo NBFI *Checked in July 2020*
August 2018
FINCA Pakistan Pakistan Bank *Checked in July 2020*
May 2017
AFK Microfinance Kosovo Kosovo NGO June 2020
*Checked in March 2018*
October 2015
ENDA Tamweel Tunisia NBFI June 2020
Banco Finca Ecuador Ecuador Bank *Checked in May 2020*
April 2018
Cooperativa Andalucía Ecuador COAC March 2020
Finca Jordan Jordan NBFI February 2020
Kashf Foundation Pakistan NBFI February 2020
Finsocial Finsocial Colombia NBFI February 2020
SAFCO SAFCO Pakistan NBFI January 2020
Al Majmoua Lebanon NBFI December 2019
Mibanco Mibanco Peru NBFI December 2019
DBACD DBACD Egypt NGO December 2019
Muthoot Microfin India NBFI *Checked in December 2019*
May 2017
Bayport Financial Services Botswana Payroll micro-lender November 2019
*Checked in January 2018*
March 2015
Banco Pyme Ecofuturo S.A. Banco Pyme Ecofuturo S.A. Bolivia Bank November 2019
Imon International Tajikistan NBFI *Checked in November 2019*
May 2017
November 2014
COAC Ambato Ecuador COAC October 2019
Kushhali Microfinance
Pakistan Bank *Checked in October 2019*
July 2017
FINCA Bank Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan Bank *Checked in October 2019*
July 2017
December 2014
Kompanion Bank Kyrgyzstan Bank *Checked in October 2019*
April 2017
Asian Credit Fund Kazakhstan NBFI *Checked in October 2019*
August 2017
Banco Solidario Banco Solidario Ecuador Bank October 2019
Bayport Financial
Services Zambia
Zambia Payroll micro-lender *Checked in October 2019*
December 2016
Attawfiq Morocco NBFI *Checked in September 2019*
February 2017
Komida Indonesia NBFI *Checked in August 2019*
May 2017
Bina Artha Ventura Indonesia NBFI *Checked in August 2019*
March 2017
Tamweelcom Jordan NBFI July 2019
Al Amana Microfinance Morocco NBFI *Checked in June 2019*
February 2017
Banco de Fomento Agropecuario El Salvador Bank May 2019
Salym Finance Kyrgyzstan NBFI April 2019
Musoni Microfinance Kenya NBFI April 2019
LOLC Myanmar NBFI April 2019
U Microfinance Bank Limited Pakistan Bank April 2019
Banco VisionFund Ecuador Bank *Checked in April 2019*
December 2016
Cooprogreso Ecuador NBFI *Checked in April 2019*
December 2016
Satin Creditcare India NBFC *Checked in April 2019*
FINCA Bank Georgia Georgia Bank *Checked in March 2019*
April 2016
Annapurna Microfinance Pvt. Ltd. India NBFI *Checked in February 2019*
April 2016
OI Colombia Colombia NGO *Checked in January 2019*
September 2016
FINCA Kosovo Kosovo NBFI *Checked in January 2019*
November 2016
FINCA UCO CJSC Armenia NBFI December 2018
Fundación Paraguaya Paraguay NGO *Checked in December 2018*
March 2016
Credo Georgia Bank *Checked in December 2018*
December 2016
Opportunity Bank Serbia Serbia Bank November 2018
*Checked in March 2016*
March 2014
Microinvest Moldova NBFI November 2018
Banco Popular Honduras Bank *Checked in November 2018*
October 2016
Arnur Credit Kazakhstan NBFI *Checked in November 2018*
October 2016
Banco ADEMI Dominican Republic Bank November 2018
CEVI Philippines NBFI November 2018
PRASAC Cambodia NBFI *Greyed out November 2018*
MicroPlan Zimbabwe NBFI July 2018
NRSP Microfinance Bank Pakistan Bank June 2018
Pro Mujer Nicaragua Nicaragua NBFI *Checked in July 2018*
March 2016
Agroinvest Serbia NBFI *Checked in June 2018*
February 2016
Pro Mujer Argentina NBFI June 2018
The First Microfinance
Bank Ltd
Pakistan Bank June 2018
Crezcamos Colombia NBFI April 2018
*Checked in September 2015*
September 2013
PGMF Myanmar NBFI April 2018
XacBank Mongolia Bank *Checked in March 2018*
RPMI Philippines NBFI March 2018
Banco FIE Bolivia Bank February 2018
VisionFund Lanka Sri Lanka NBFI February 2018
Bayport Financial Services Botswana Payroll micro-lender *Checked in January 2018*
March 2015
MBK Indonesia NBFI *Checked in November 2017*
Pro Mujer IFD Bolivia NBFI July 2017
FINCA Nicaragua Nicaragua NBFI June 2017
FUBODE Bolivia NGO September 2016
BRAC Microfinance Bangladesh NGO August 2016
Enlace El Salvador Limited Company July 2016
MFC Mikra Bosnia & Herzegovina NBFI June 2016
FINCA Mexico
From 2017: Te Creemos
Mexico NBFI June 2016
*Greyed out*
EDPYME RAIZ Peru NBFI *Checked in June 2016*
August 2014
*Greyed out*
Tamwil El Fellah Morocco Limited Company May 2016
*Greyed out*
Bai Tushum Bank Kyrgyzstan Bank *Checked in May 2016*
May 2014
*Greyed out*
DemirBank Azerbaijan Bank November 2015
*Greyed out*
Mi-Bospo Bosnia&Herzegovina Bank October 2015
February 2013
*Greyed out*
Partner Microcredit Foundation Bosnia&Herzegovina Bank October 2015
January 2013
*Greyed out*
FINCA Azerbaijan Azerbaijan NBFI August 2015
*Greyed out*
Alalay Sa Kaunlaran, Inc. (ASKI) Philippines NGO July 2015
*Greyed out*
Viator Microcredit Azerbaijan NBFI April 2015
*Greyed out*
KazMicroFinance – KMF LLC Kazakhstan NBFI April 2015
*Greyed out*
AzerCredit LLC Azerbaijan NBFI October 2014
*Greyed out*
MDO Arvand LLC Tajikistan NBFI May 2014
*Greyed out*

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