Institutional Rating


The Institutional Rating provides an opinion on the long-term sustainability of  a  financial institution, through an evaluation of internal processes, risk management framework and performance.



Is an effective management and reporting tool. It is used to:

  • Compare practices and performance of financial institutions against international standards and benchmarks
  • Attract founders and investors by showcasing commitment to excellence and adherence to global best practices
  • Fortify institutional governance, decision-making processes, risk management, systems, and overall performance for robust and sustainable operations
  • Enhance institutional reputation, accountability, and transparency.


MFR clients find the Institutional Rating beneficial for two main reasons, as reported by in customer feedback in December 2020:


All financial institutions engaged in financial inclusion, regardless of their legal status and size.


How it works?

The Institutional Rating provides a comprehensive assessment of risks and performance through a dynamic qualitative and quantitative analysis of the following areas:

Structure and areas of analysis of the Institutional Rating.




Timeline and work plan Institutional Rating.


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What our Clients say

“ACEP Burkina se veut une institution offrant des produits souples et modernes avec professionnalisme tout en remplissant adéquatement sa double mission. En vu de permettre à nos partenaires d’apprécier la viabilité et la solvabilité, nous avons recours à de professionnels externes et fiables dont MFR. Ayant bénéficié des services de MFR, nous apprécions très positivement la qualité du travail. Cette notation nous a aidé à identifier nos faiblesses, forces et potentialités. Elle nous ouvre également les yeux sur les axes d’amélioration, ce qui permettra à ACEP Burkina de passer à un niveau supérieur.”

“As ZMF we enjoyed the professional, interactive and value adding rating approach used by MFR. Apart from providing us with a rating, the process was so enriching as all areas requiring improvement were thoroughly discussed and potential remedies proffered. We have been able to strengthen our processes, systems, and the institution by implementing the key recommendations from the Rating Report. The rating has certainly put us on higher pedestal as we engage potential funders.”

“As an institution striving for best practice, the rating exercise was indeed an eye opener! The approach employed clearly helped in identifying areas of improvement in our operations, our strengths and potential. A high level of professionalism was exhibited throughout the period of engagement and MicroPlan is grateful for the insights shared which we are convinced should usher MicroPlan to a whole new level.”

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