Client Survey and Focus Group Discussions


Analysis of results through the collection of verified and complete primary information on the clients’ socio-economic profile and direct client feedback on the quality of the services and of the interaction with the financial service provider.


Combining the social rating with a survey on clients and focus group discussions allows financial service providers to:

  • Have a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the achievement of social goals no matter the existing data available at the financial service provider level
  • Improve their social performance tracking and monitoring systems through dissemination of sound measurement techniques, including the Poverty Probability Index (PPI)
  • Feed the social performance information system with reliable data on the clients’ profile and investigate clients’ needs and satisfaction with the services as well as their awareness about the financial services’ terms and conditions
  • Create baseline data for future outcome studies


All financial service providers engaged in financial inclusion with a double bottom-line, irrespective of their legal status and size.

How it works?

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