Client Survey and Focus Group Discussions


Measurement of the profiles of households and businesses financed, as well as the quality of the services at the client level through a survey on clients and focus group discussions. The direct collection of reliable information on the field complements the data already available with the FSP and allows an in-depth analysis of the sustainability results.


Combining the social rating with a survey on clients and focus group discussions allows financial service providers to:

  • Have a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the achievement of sustainable goals no matter the existing data available at the financial service provider level
  • Improve their sustainable performance tracking and monitoring systems through dissemination of sound measurement techniques
  • Feed the sustainable performance information system with reliable data on the clients’ profile of households and business financed
  • Create baseline data for future outcome studies


All financial service providers engaged in financial inclusion with a double bottom-line, irrespective of their legal status and size.

How it works?

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