Social Performance Audit SPI5 and Alinus

MFR received accreditation from Cerise+SPTF in February 2016 to execute SPI5 ALINUS Audits. An SPI5 evaluation, conducted by a specialized rating agency, ensures the utmost quality, standing out as the highest standard among various SPI5 assessments. All of our analysts are SPI5 qualified auditors.



The SPI5 ALINUS is a social and environmental performance assessment tool for financial institutions created by Cerise. It helps financial institutions evaluate their level of implementation of the Universal Standards for Social and Environmental Performance Management (USSEPM) developed by the Social Performance Task Force, including the Client Protection Principles.


Additionally, is the sub-set of 68 SPI5 indicators selected by ALINUS, a group of more than 40 investors and fund managers committed to using the Universal Standards / SPI5 in their investments.


MFR offers the audits as an-add service of the Social and Environmental Rating  because of its enhanced benefits.



Integrating the SPI5 ALINUS Audit to the Social and Environmental Rating enables financial institutions to:

  • Obtain a high-quality validation of their self-assessed SPI5 with minimal time and cost investment
  • Enhance USSEPM by aligning with globally recognized standards
  • Meet the reporting needs of social investors during the due diligence process



All financial instituions with a double-bottom line and commitment to improving their Social and Environmental Performance Management Systems (USSEPM).


How it works?

The SPI5 ALINUS Audit covers the Cerise+SPTF Universal Standards for USSEPM focusing on the following systems:

Universal Standards for Social and Environmental Performance Management.

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