Truelift Assessment

Truelift is a global initiative to push for accountability in pro-poor development. Truelift is a trust mark – in microfinance and other forms of social business – to signify commitment to positive and enduring change for people affected by conditions of poverty.



The Truelift assessment reflects not only the performance of a financial service provider’s pro-poor activities, but also the strength of evidence that validates it.


Achieving the Truelift certification allows organizations to:

  • Publicly demonstrate their full commitment to pro-poor principles and the most advanced stage of performance and verification
  • Enhance reputation and trust among stakeholders and differentiate from peers as a pro-poor organization


All financial service providers and social businesses with a pro-poor orientation.

How it works?

Each of the three Pro-Poor Principles consists of four categories:


There are five milestones on the path towards achieving the pro-poor Seal of Excellence.



Institution Country Milestone Date of the Award
Génesis Empresarial Guatemala Leader July 2021
July 2019
Fundación Paraguaya Paraguay Leader January 2021
April 2017
Adra Peru Achiever June 2018
PROMUJER Nicaragua Nicaragua Achiever April 2018
microfinanzas prisma Microfinanzas PRISMA Peru Emerging Practitioner April 2018
enlace ENLACE El Salvador Achiever April 2018
Fundenuse Nicaragua Emerging Practitioner April 2018
Espoir Ecuador Emerging Practitioner April 2018
UNRWA West Bank & Gaza Leader February 2018
Banco VisionFund Ecuador Leader February 2018
Fundación Amanecer Colombia Achiever February 2018
Friendship Bridge Guatemala Leader April 2017
FINCA Perù Peru Achiever October 2013
NWTF Philippines Achiever October 2013

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