Truelift Assessment


Truelift is a global initiative advocating for accountability in pro-poor development. It serves as a trust mark in microfinance and other social business forms, symbolizing a commitment to fostering positive and enduring change for individuals impacted by conditions of poverty.



The Truelift Assessment not only gauges the performance of a financial service provider’s pro-poor activities but also assesses the strength of evidence supporting their effectiveness.



Achieving it allows organizations to:

  • Publicly demonstrate their full commitment to pro-poor principles and the most advanced stage of performance and verification
  • Enhance reputation and trust among stakeholders, distinguishing themselves as a pro-poor organization from their peers



All Financial Service Providers (FSP’s) and social businesses with a pro-poor orientation.


How it works?

The Truelift Assessment includes the following areas of analysis:

Areas of analysis of the Truelift Assessment.


There are five milestones on the path towards achieving the pro-poor Seal of Excellence to successful support of clients affected by poverty:

Truelift Assessment levels of recognition.


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