Training Services


MFR has developed an extensive range of training modules to meet the needs of various stakeholders:



The added value of MFR trainings lies in understanding two sides: the standards of good practice set by international bodies (e.g. GSMA, SPTF) and the practical opportunities and challenges of financial institutions on the field. The practical case studies shared in the trainings are based on the following experience:



MFR training targets a diverse range of stakeholders including local, regional, national and international FSPSs networks and associations, development agencies, donor organizations, investors, apex bodies, universities and other stakeholders.
MFR has conducted over 90 trainings to financial institutions, investors and networks in 30 countries, and provides trainings at the Boulder Microfinance Institute since 2008.


How it works?

MFR uses a participative training methodology that includes working group discussions, case studies and exercises from the filed tailored to the specific client and inclusive to cater to diverse experience levels and learning styles. The duration of the training module varies from half a day to 2 days, unless specific requirements.
Languages available: English, French and Spanish.
Delivery channels:

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