MIV Rating


The MIV (Microfinance Investment Vehicle) Rating provides an independent and expert opinion on:

  • The soundness of the MIV governance and structure to ensure stability and viability of the business
  • The consistency and adequacy of the investment approach of the fund, compliance with investor’s expectations and soundness of its risk management approach in relation to the investment strategy
  • The MIV distribution strategy, implied risk exposure and the stability of the funding structure
  • The performance of the Fund in terms of profitability and efficiency
  • The MIV capacity to manage its social performance and the responsibility of its investments


The MIV rating is an effective management and reporting tool that is used to:

  • Enhance reputation, accountability and transparency, build trust
  • Strengthen institutional governance and decision-making, risk management, systems and performance
  • Qualify for hedging accounts and transactions with MFX


All microfinance investment vehicles, financial inclusion and impact Funds including Holdings, Fixed Income Funds, Equity Funds, Mixed Funds, Public Placement Funds, Private Placement Funds, Cooperative and NGOs, and Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) companies.

How it works?

The MIV rating, either conducted off-site or onsite – assesses the following dimensions.

An optional add-on module is also available to review the MIV’s social performance management and results.



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