Institutional diagnostic


The Institutional Diagnostic is an operational tool to support Financial Service Providers (FSP’s) in strengthening the operations and internal policies/procedures to improve its management system.



It enables Financial Services Providers to:

  • Measure the Financial Service Provider’s stage of development
  • Strengthen institutional, management and operational systems through comparison with international best practices and implementation of guidance remarks
  • Understand training and technical assistance needs

Benefits of Institutional Diagnostic.



Greenfield or less mature Financial Service Providers striving for institutional sustainability.


How it works?

It uncovers key internal weaknesses, offering targeted improvement guidance for operational and management systems.

Focused on qualitative analysis, it considers the Financial Service Provider’s developmental stage and risk exposure, aligning current practices with international best standards and context-related factors.

The Institutional Diagnostic represents the first stage of an institutional strengthening process:



Timeline and work plan of Institutional Diagnostic.

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