Social Rating


The social rating provides an expert opinion on the social performance management of a financial service provider and its capacity to put its mission into practice and achieve social goals.


The social rating is an effective management and reporting tool that is used to:

  • Enhance social performance management and reduce the risk of mission drift by identifying gaps and indicating improvement areas
  • Align SPM systems to internationally recognized standards
  • Attract funders and investors with a double bottom line orientation
  • Strengthen institutional reputation, accountability, and transparency

MFR clients (Source: MFR customer care, June 2019) find the Social Rating useful for:


All financial service providers engaged in financial inclusion with a double bottom-line, irrespective of their legal status and size. If you are a SME financial service provider, click here.

How it works?

The social rating is fully aligned with the latest social performance standards as defined by global initiatives such as the Social Performance Task Force and the SPTF-CERISE Client Protection Certification. By incorporating such standards, the Social Rating provides:

External expert validation of the implementation of the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management An indication of the FSP‘s alignment with Client Protection Certification standards and of the level of effort required to fill compliance gaps

The SR assesses systems, processes and results.




Add-on Services

Financial service providers willing to further deepen the analysis of their social results or strengthen their social performance management can easily combine the social rating with other related services, such as:






What our Clients say

“The Social Rating helped us to positively reshape the way of thinking how we do our business. We practiced the SPM principles, but MFR’s assessment has helped us to document and to reformulate them. During the Social Rating process MFR looked at various components of the performance and mixed them into one outcome. The procedure was comprehensive and the whole assessment process was done in a great level of paying attention even to the smallest details. Social Rating was important not just for our target audience but for ourselves as well. The final grade inspired our company to move to a new level of development, where we position ourselves not just as a financially viable company, but also as the one that cares about the planet, local community, environment and making an impact. If we qualify ourselves as the company doing good for customers and eradicating poverty, then practices should be aligned with this big goal and the Social Rating has helped us to check it once again. The extended debriefing session, held on the last day, became a good closure for the extensive preparatory stage and detailed four-day interviews. It allowed to wrap up the process highlighting the best practices and areas that have some room for improvement. The process would not be comprehensive and complete without this session. ”

“As ZMF we enjoyed the professional, interactive and value adding rating approach used by MFR. Apart from providing us with a rating, the process was so enriching as all areas requiring improvement were thoroughly discussed and potential remedies proffered. We have been able to strengthen our processes, systems, and the institution by implementing the key recommendations from the Rating Report. The rating has certainly put us on higher pedestal as we engage potential funders.”

“As an institution striving for best practice, the rating exercise was indeed an eye opener! The approach employed clearly helped in identifying areas of improvement in our operations, our strengths and potential. A high level of professionalism was exhibited throughout the period of engagement and MicroPlan is grateful for the insights shared which we are convinced should usher MicroPlan to a whole new level.”

“It was important for GetBucks that its systems, processes and impact were fairly and accurately assessed, rated according to global standards. MFR was exceptional in this regard and engaged GetBucks with professionalism, always looking to enhance the wellbeing of investors and customers, while helping strengthen service providers and the industry at large. Their honest assessment and subsequent B+ rating awarded to us helps solidafy our reputation as a leading money lender; it sets new goals in our pursuit of sincere financial inclusion; helps illuminate industry best practices and, from the vantage point of self-improvement, contributes to a blossoming and prosperous relationship with Botswana and her people.”

“We now understand our business in a way we did not before. This increased the value of Smart Campaign Certification in our eyes and the eyes of our stakeholders. The guidance we received from MicroFinanza Rating in this process was vital and further enhanced the value we derived from our certification.”

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