Outcome Measurement


The outcome service measures indicators of outcome – the change in clients’ lives that is plausibly associated with the financial service provider’s services – using the data already collected by the financial institution and/or additional data collected through a client survey.
The service is available as an add-on module to the social rating or as a stand-alone service and can be customized to specific needs upon request (e.g. recommendations on how to improve the internal social outcome measurement system).
Outcome is different from impact and is a distinct step in the hierarchy of social results as described in the graph below.


Measuring indicators of outcome to:

  • Highlight the positive outcome results and identify unexpected outcome results at the consolidated institutional level as well as by client segment;
  • Expose FSPs to an outcome measurement process and technique that can be adapted and replicated internally;
  • Position FSPs at the current frontier of SPM and be among the pioneers of cost-effective solutions for outcome measurement.


Investors and financial service providers willing to gain a better understanding of the changes in clients’ lives and may be willing to develop a change measurement system or improve the existing one.

How it works?

The indicators used to measure change are aligned to the SPTF universal outcome indicators and are selected and adapted based on a financial service provider’s mission and theory of change to ensure they are relevant, usable, and comparable. Additional outcome themes could be added (i.e. women empowerment).

The analysis of client outcome can either exclusively use the data already collected by the FSP, or complement them with a survey on clients:

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