Client Protection Certification – New Methodology

For the last 6 years, MFR has been the leading certifier for Smart Campaign Client Protection with more than 100 certifications performed in all regions, corresponding to more than 70% market share. Since 2011, MFR has always been closely involved in implementing and testing version 1.0 and 2.0 of the standards.

After the exit of the Smart Campaign, the ownership of tools and resources have been given to the Social Performance Task Force and CERISE to ensure the client protection standards remain the common language in the financial inclusion industry. Following this step, a new methodology has been developed.

As part of MFR’s mission of improving responsible practices in the inclusive finance industry, MFR actively took part in the development of the new SPTF-CERISE Client Protection Certification Methodology.

The new Certification Product will be fully aligned with the Client Protection Standards previously maintained by the Smart Campaign and guarantee high quality, independency, and global recognition of the Certification, in continuity with previous assessments. The methodology will benefit from MFR’s experience on Client Protection and its standards will be managed by SPTF and CERISE, from December 2020.

In the meanwhile, MFR will remain Smart Campaign licensed until all final pending certifications have been awarded, through April 30, 2021 at the latest.

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