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Validated data on Financial Service Providers’ pricing, SPI4 and ESG

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The start-up phase of the Data Platform is currently ongoing. The pilot phase was conducted during 2017.

One stop shop to find Annual Percentage Rate (APR), social (SPI4) and client protection data from rating agencies, Cerise, MIMOSA, and other data providers.

Website. Two modules: 1. Data (APR, SPI4, other social data); 2. Reports (rating reports, SPI4 audits, MIMOSA).

Access to APR data will be easier because: APR is already calculated in ratings and certifications; FSP will have the option to provide data anonymously (still useful for benchmarking).


Coverage will be 15,438 APR calculations, 600 FSPs and 70 Countries, or larger, as enhanced by other data providers. Users will feed the database as they input the data on-line to obtain the benchmarks. A global expected APR model will allow benchmarking the APR even without a large number of observations in the Country.


Cost. Value for money because: 1) the cost of collecting data and calculating APR is already covered by ratings and certifications, and the Platform would only need a marginal cost to be covered; 2) an existing organization (MFR) with a core business already in place would manage the Platform as a business unit.


How it works?

MIX. Data Platform and MIX are collaborating to develop links between the two platforms to facilitate user navigation. APR and SPI4 modules will be housed on Data Platform and links will enable users to make the most of the financial, operational and social performance data available on the two platforms.

Quality. The database will include externally validated data and self-reported data (e.g. core database), transparently indicated. The user will decide the data source filters to apply.

Confidentiality. The ownership of the data stays with the data provider and it is not transferred to the Platform manager. Any use of the data made by the Platform manager respects the confidentiality agreements signed with the data providers.

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