Smart Campaign Client Protection Pre-Certification


The client protection pre-certification helps financial service provider to get ready for Smart certification by assessing compliance with the standards.


The pre-certification allows financial service providers to:

  • Identify the gaps in the implementation of client protection principles by using the same tool of the Smart Campaign client protection certification
  • Address gaps by aligning internal systems and processes to the certification norms
  • Increase the likelihood to obtain the Smart Campaign client protection certification


All financial service providers engaged in financial inclusion that are interested in improving implementation of client protection principles.

How it works?

The pre-certification reviews the financial service provider’s policies, procedures, management systems, training and marketing practices against the seven areas of client protection following the same methodology of the Smart Campaign client protection certification.
The pre-certification can be easily combined as part of a full certification process, presenting advantages in terms of costs, thanks to the synergies of the two exercises provided which take place within one year. As an optional service, a certification follow-up is also available upon request of the financial service provider to supply additional clarifications and monitor progress in addressing gaps.


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