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Nous travaillons sur le marché de l’Afrique subsaharienne depuis 2005 et nous sommes aujourd’hui l’agence de notation spécialisée la plus active en Afrique de l’Ouest, centrale, orientale et australe. Nous travaillons depuis notre bureau régional de Nairobi, au Kenya, depuis 2007 ; depuis nos débuts, nous avons effectué plus de 270 missions en Afrique subsaharienne.

L’équipe régionale est composée d’analystes internationaux et locaux hautement qualifiés, parlant anglais, français et swahili.

Notre proximité avec le marché et notre bilan reconnu dans la région nous permettent d’être à l’avant-garde d’un secteur en évolution rapide. Nous continuerons d’accompagner nos clients en leur offrant notre expertise unique en matière de gestion de la performance financière et sociale, de réglementation, de standards de protection des clients et de services financiers numériques.

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Ben Wallingford

Ben Wallingford

Responsable Régionale pour l’Afrique francophone
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Nos clients racontent

“With the developments and trends in the financial landscape in Kenya, the Smart Certification is an important achievement for Musoni Microfinance and confirms our commitment to practice responsible lending by focusing on client protection, pricing transparency and social performance management. Our journey towards the Certification entailed a critical assessment of our policies, practices and processes to ensure that we were not only putting our clients’ needs at the forefront but building a long-lasting relationship with them. Given the scope and logistics of the certification requirements, the support we received from MFR was invaluable and the audit was very professional and thorough in its approach.”

“We now understand our business in a way we did not before. This increased the value of Smart Campaign Certification in our eyes and the eyes of our stakeholders. The guidance we received from MicroFinanza Rating in this process was vital and further enhanced the value we derived from our certification.”

“It was important for GetBucks that its systems, processes and impact were fairly and accurately assessed, rated according to global standards. MFR was exceptional in this regard and engaged GetBucks with professionalism, always looking to enhance the wellbeing of investors and customers, while helping strengthen service providers and the industry at large. Their honest assessment and subsequent B+ rating awarded to us helps solidafy our reputation as a leading money lender; it sets new goals in our pursuit of sincere financial inclusion; helps illuminate industry best practices and, from the vantage point of self-improvement, contributes to a blossoming and prosperous relationship with Botswana and her people.”

“As an institution striving for best practice, the rating exercise was indeed an eye opener! The approach employed clearly helped in identifying areas of improvement in our operations, our strengths and potential. A high level of professionalism was exhibited throughout the period of engagement and MicroPlan is grateful for the insights shared which we are convinced should usher MicroPlan to a whole new level.”

“As ZMF we enjoyed the professional, interactive and value adding rating approach used by MFR. Apart from providing us with a rating, the process was so enriching as all areas requiring improvement were thoroughly discussed and potential remedies proffered. We have been able to strengthen our processes, systems, and the institution by implementing the key recommendations from the Rating Report. The rating has certainly put us on higher pedestal as we engage potential funders.”