MFR is the first company accredited to conduct GSMA Mobile Money Certification assessments

MFR is proud to announce that it has been selected as the first company to conduct assessments under the GSMA Mobile Money Certification scheme.

MFR has been chosen for its extensive knowledge of the financial inclusion industry, capacity to carry out independent and impartial evaluations, diverse and qualified team of assessors and proven track record of assessments performed under various certification schemes.

MFR Executive Director Mr Aldo Moauro said: “I am delighted to announce that MFR has been accredited as assessor within the GSMA Mobile Money Certification. We are proud to bring our longstanding experience as independent third-party evaluators, raters and certifiers to the mobile money ecosystem and to work with such a prestigious brand as the GSMA.”


MFR’s team of qualified assessors started piloting the GSMA Mobile Money Certifications by visiting Orange in Ivory Coast and the pioneer of M-PESA Safaricom in Kenya. Then, three additional operators have been assessed, TIGO and Vodacom in Tanzania and Telenor Pakistan.

On April 12, 2018 the mobile money providers mentioned above have been awarded the first GSMA Mobile Money Certifications by the Certification Scheme Operator, Alliances Management. The Certification is a global initiative to bring safer, more transparent, and more resilient financial services to millions of mobile money users around the world.

The GSMA Mobile Money Certification defines and promotes excellence in the provision of mobile money services. It is based on independent assessments of a provider’s ability to deliver secure and reliable services, to protect the rights of consumers and to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism. These efforts are measured against global industry best practice, and a pass mark of 100% is required. The Certification aims to enhance consumer trust, accelerate commercial partnerships, and set a public bar to which all providers can aspire.

The five certified mobile money providers have proven that their business practices are amongst the best in the industry, and that they are serious about protecting the rights of consumers, delivering reliable and secure services, and combatting money laundering and the financing of terrorism. They are trustworthy and responsible financial institutions on a par with the rest of the financial ecosystem.

The Certification will help to take the industry to the next level by improving the quality of services and customer satisfaction, facilitating the implementation of trusted partnerships, building trust with regulators and encouraging the implementation of appropriate and proportional regulatory standards. Enhancing trust in mobile financial services is in the collective interest of the private sector, governments, regulators, and consumers.

The Certification represents a strong proactive move on behalf of the mobile money industry, demonstrating its commitment to AML / CFT, and to delivering quality, safe and fair services to customers. Responsible business practices are essential to help regulators achieve their goals around financial inclusion, stability, integrity and consumer protection.

The Certification stamp is a sign that a provider has taken steps to ensure that a high level of customer service can be expected, that their funds are in safe hands, and that their rights are protected.

If you wish to learn more about the GSMA Mobile Money Certification, please visit the following webpage: