Banco VisionFund Ecuador has been awarded the Truelift Leader Milestone

MFR announces that Banco VisionFund Ecuador is now recognized by Truelift as the Leader Milestone.

The Leader milestone is the most significant and prestigious of the Truelift milestones, given only to those institutions that are excellent in all three of the Pro-Poor Principles. Truelift Leaders are financially sustainable, demonstrate a responsible financial performance, are Smart Campaign certified in client protection and fully meet the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management Dimensions on balancing financial and social return.

Banco VisionFund Ecuador, formerly known as FODEMI, is a microfinance bank based in the city of Ibarra that launched its operations in 1995. VisionFund Ecuador is affiliated with VisionFund International (VFI), which provides education, health, and development services in rural and disadvantaged communities in almost 40 countries. VisionFund Ecuador provides small loans and non-financial services to micro enterprises in provinces in the central and northern highlands of Ecuador via a network of branches and sales points. Most clients work in agriculture, tourism, industry and handicrafts. The MFI maintains a strong focus on women-headed households, in line with its social objectives of reaching out to the most disadvantaged families.

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