Project Coordinator – Milan, Italy

MFR is a global rating agency specialized in inclusive finance. MFR aims at benefiting the base of the pyramid in a sustainable manner. To do so, MFR provides independent and qualified services that improve the sustainability of the financial service providers, the focus on clients, and the protection of investors’ funds and goals.

The Data Platform is a new initiative managed by MFR in partnership with other organizations in the financial inclusion sector. The initiative aims at centralizing data on pricing, client protection, social performance and financial performance of Financial Service Providers (FSPs) in 70 countries. The goal of the Data Platform is to make data and benchmarks available for decision makers to be able to base their decisions on double bottom line considerations (financial and social results). The data Platform is in its development phase and will be launched in 2020. Data are provided by MFR and by other data providers.

The position of Project Coordinator is based in Milan, and it involves working with a diverse, dynamic and international team based in Milan, Quito, La Paz, Nairobi, Bishkek and Manila. The position does not require travelling. Reporting to the Business Development Director (i.e. Data Platform manager, based in France).

Job description:

  • Coordination with Data Platform manager regarding ongoing activities and special projects to be implemented;
  • Track the MFR assignments for Data entry, verify the data transparency and data reliability ID, monitor the data entry progress;
  • Coordinate with other colleagues to request and receive guidance to set up the data entry of publicly available sources (e.g. how to reclassify the financial statement of a financial institution into the format used in the Data Platform database);
  • Maintain the common coding system and update the codes with the growth of the database: FSP ID (with MIX), Organization ID, Data report type ID, Data report ID, etc.;
  • Management of a team of 2 interns (rotating during the year) for the execution of the activities (mainly data entry and work on databases, but also support to analysts):
    • Regular recruitment of interns (internship duration: 6 months or more), to ensure a team of 2 interns with appropriate skills throughout the year;
    • Provide initial training to the interns on MFR, our services and overview of MFR methodologies;
    • Manage the process for interns to get the source files to use for data entry;
    • Assign tasks to the team of interns to ensure an efficient employment of their time;
    • Provide instructions, explanations and fine-tune tools for the interns to be able to execute the activities;
    • Supervise the work of the interns, solve problems, control the output quality;
    • Provide feedback to the interns so that they learn on areas for future improvement.
  • Produce specific graphs and statistics for MFR colleagues to be presented at conferences, based on the needs expressed by MFR colleagues;
  • Carry out directly some specific activities that can’t be delegated to the team of interns;
  • Correct data errors as they arise (checking in sources);
  • Perform quality control:
    • Quality control of the data files made by the team of interns;
    • Quality control of the data provided by external data providers.
  • Upload data files to the Data Platform;
  • Manage the archive of data files;
  • Update private and public portfolio data when new info is available;
  • Support the Data Platform manager in the upgrade and maintenance of the excel import tools to partly automatize the data entry from systematic sources;
  • Develop an action plan with tasks, responsible person, deadline and status to organize the work of the database coordinator and of the team of interviewers;
  • Regular coordination with the Data Platform manager on execution of activities and identification of solutions to improve the workflow;
  • Regular communication with the Data Platform website developer regarding the database.


  • Very good capacity to use Excel;
  • Good oral and written English, second language (Spanish or French) is a plus;
  • Some knowledge of finance/accounting and ability to read financial statements;
  • Interest for financial inclusion and the goal of improving transparency and responsible decision making through the Data Platform initiative;
  • Positive attitude to contributing with other colleagues to developing tools and system (as opposed to a working environment with precise procedures already established), given the young age of the Data Platform;
  • Excellent planning and organizational capacity;
  • Strong work ethics, commitment and goal orientated;
  • Capacity to work autonomously;
  • Team player: ability to coach, teach and support colleagues, empathy, listening and communication capacity.

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