Operations Director (OD) – Milan, Italy

Job brief:
OD is a senior executive tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions  at MFR.
OD reports to the Managing Director and has the responsibility of executing the company’s business plans, according to the established business model.
OD is a skilled professional who has good leadership and knowledge of the Inclusive Finance sector at global level.


Main responsibilities:

A. Implementation of the strategy
• Helps defining strategic plans of action with Regional Managers and contributes to implement them
• Follows-up and controls the execution of the development plans at regional level
• Actively participates  to conferences / meetings for strategic positioning in each region
• Defines external communication strategy and supervise communication officer

B. Operations
• Manages global operations
• Coordinates analysts’ activities
• Deals with operational planning optimization
• Coordinates management meetings
• Manages internal communication flows
• Improves reporting policies and tools, and prepare relevant reports
• Upgrades and updates manuals, policies and operational tools

C. Human Resources management
• Recruits new staff and manage the induction process
• Organizes and implements staff appraisal process and career planning
• Defines and implements staff training plan
• Surveys regularly the staff satisfaction
• Defines strategies, policies and tools for the economic treatment of staff (i.e. bonus/incentive schemes)



  • Min 10 years’ professional experience
  • Min 5 years’ experience in financial inclusion sector
  • Experience in HR management
  • Languages: excellent English; adequate Spanish or French
  • Availability to travel 5-7 times / year
  • Master’s degree
  • Excellent communication, team working, mediation skills
  • Leadership style: charismatic, capacity to adapt to multicultural organization


Please send your application by December 31st, 2019.


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