MFR at Boulder MFT in English

MFR Executive Director Aldo Moauro will participate in the 25th Anniversary of the  Boulder MFT in English, from July 22 to August 2, 2019 in Turin, Italy.

During the first week, Aldo will teach “Financial and Social Performance of Microfinance Institutions.” This course aims to illustrate in detail the methodologies and processes used by MFR when assessing Microfinance Institutions. With specific and concrete objectives, this course includes group work activities and a variety of case studies, mainly stemming from the wide experience of institutional and social ratings conducted by MFR in many different countries in the four continents.

The Boulder Institute, led by President and Founder, Robert Christen, has over 25 years of microfinance training experience and the collective expertise of over 200 faculty members. The Boulder MFT program provides an unrivaled opportunity for professionals working at every level of microfinance today. Boulder MFT the only microfinance / financial inclusion training program that specifically aims to equalize the spread of knowledge and resources in different parts of the world by offering microfinance training in three languages.